Large public approval rate of the ACOM word of mouth reputation and review | card featured comparison

ACOM to introduce “ichimujin-Kun” drone contract in history in consumer loans in loans Japan’s first and still most popular boasts.
In this article include screening process and should advance to go through screening at least one referral.
And while looking through word of mouth and reputation with ACOM asked site screening methods and flow introduces characteristics of ACOM.
Must meet the following two conditions to include examination prior to use to check a com terms and conditions.
Contract at age 20 years and older people under 70 years of age students and part-timers and non-regular employment even for housewives (mostly husbands) stable, part-time earnings, if any, OK, consumer finance companies borrowing easy to borrow is possible.
It is, but please note that is considered full-time housewife who’d have no stable income to apply does not.
ACOM examination methods include examining how four of the “WEB”, “ichimujin-Kun” “phone” and “mail” primary screening method is the information and prepared is almost together. WEB application (24-time OK) ichimujin Kun branch counter (hours 9:30-18:00, weekdays) phone (24 time OK) hours of mailing each request reception time ichimujin-Kun: 8:00-22:00, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays OK store: hours 9:30-18:00,
Weekdays: flat, 9:00-open 18:00 hours ichimujin-Kun’s early compared to other companies.
Ichimujin-Kun promise drones contract 8:00-22:09-22:00 in this WEB application main flow examination of introduce and continue.
ACOM screening process first of all from the official website of ACOM “from the Internet easy!
Apply stain “(circled by red) the proceed through examination for entry screen and press the button.
Basically asked the following three “customer information”, home information business information: enter information will!
(Makes entry in may 2017. ) In the ACOM!
ID, if applicable, enter your information into auto-features.
Not done in other services besides saves time, Pat. Customer information 1 name 2 date of birth 3 sex 4 single married 5 email address 6 phone number 7 examination results notification, application contents confirmation of contact home information 8 address 9 housing type 10 residents years 11 rent-housing loan 12 himself family including years Office information is
Not to enter work phone number and other items will appear, so be careful!How much is the time it takes to apply for ACOM?
Review employer information will have you enter takes approximately 20 minutes.
You can make advance information, because it would take time to examine from the input ends up in about 5 minutes. The ACOM word of mouth and reputation?
ACOM’s reputation is often by word of mouth has received on the website has become a popular product. (40 men)
Because CM was a characteristic I use!
Is operator of the application on the phone is it’s sense of good and smooth because no complaint.
Nagasaku Hiromi (20-something woman) of the CM is like the ACOM.
I borrowed money for the first time, but in the drones contract rent 150000 in about an hour.
Other bonuses soon after because the payments on the bulk (^ ^) can be rented in the following flow fastest want same-day loan how ACOM view more ACOM word of mouth include the loan on the same day.
Application (WEB application) examination answer (minimum of 30 minutes-1 hour) contract room / shop window in procedures card received transfer day loan are entitled to borrow take ATM and bank transfer for ACOM application form and agreement through weekdays 14:00 transfer request complete.
And Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Yu just at Bank above, if weekdays transfer request until 18:00 complete the receive same-day transfer loan.
ACOM at weekends and public holidays on the same day payment loans possible include in on Saturdays is not received immediate transfer from the application for the holidays for the first time.
Saturdays, Sundays and holidays that corresponds to the transfer on the same day, please note that only the “promise” does not correspond.
(However the Japan NET Bank and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking account required).
WEB application enables WEB application ACOM site.
After signing up, examination result arrives by mail or telephone.
Delivery of identification documents and annual income certificate is possible in either email, FAX or mail.
Contract will be completed on the WEB or online.
You will receive by post card to conclude the contract on the WEB.
You can take advantage of services, PC and Smartphone application for a limited time “delivery time Gill jingle” that receive the card at home.
If, on the other hand, the cards immediately want to go after the WEB application drones contract “ichimujin-Kun” or storefront.In this case, after receive a card on the spot.
Phone application is an application is possible.
You do not need to enter the item phone, unlike the WEB benefits.
Application and examination on the phone through the contract and receive the card drones contract “ichimujin-Kun” is available. People felt anxiety in examination of ACOM.
ACOM, see diagnosis of 3 seconds”that would loan check. Customer Diagnostics and see through the examination of ACOM??
“It is a service that can check quickly with simple data input.
Enter the figures for such items. Age (example: 26-year-old) married sex and celibacy (selected example: men singles) for (example: 1 in the number and total amount of 50000 yen) in loans of other companies (except for shopping with credit cards, bank loans, mortgage loans, car loan lenders (caching) only) type ”
Diagnostics start “comes out two Diagnostics and press.
“Your loan can be considered. “” Customers can loans customers input information, or could not be determined “customer Diagnostics is examination of the actual is not not not, result is always leads to examination pass” review wonder through the…
“And who care strongly recommend to try the.
ACOM payment terms payment is two.
-Automatic payments and any payments “to additional payments temporarily!
“That whenever any repayments you can.
Monthly repayment is required if any repayments made in the ATM and banking from the designated account.
Maturity date of the monthly repayment date can be chosen from the following.
-35 days first debt day after 35 days, from-monthly specified dates above are Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, for a national holiday, the next business day is repayment date.
However, if the debit-only six days per month.
To include other features debt repayment at the following ATM is available. ATM fees include ATM fees free Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank Mitsui Sumitomo Bank seven Bank Lawson E-net (family Mart and Circle K Sunkus stores, Including mini) Ion Kumamoto Bank affinity Bank no. 3 Bank Tokyo Star Bank West Japan City Bank of Hiroshima Bank Hokkaido Bank Hokuriku Bank Saison 10000 Yen debt repayment at 108 yen, 10000 Yen debt repayment at 216 Yen ATMs of Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Center, while
Including the convenience of ATMs and banks we cover.

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Not reliable is the personal name of the consumer finance: money to rent offices

There are many people who secretly uses caching to the family.
Like many consumer finance, customer loans to the family hide-out because of this.
(1) when the telephone company, not personal names, call.
(2) what mailing envelopes not printing company to use.
Money lending business law article 21 paragraph 1 No. 5 also collection acts as “diaper, signboard to somehow or other that regardless of a person other than the debtor reveal facts concerning the financing of debtors, etc.” are prohibited.
Because of this, consumer finance on loans, even if demand for family alot these principles, it is not.
Just in case, designed in this way, found out third-party customer loans in the consumer finance has been.
However, in some cases such considerations become it backfires so.
[Unnatural phone in person!
: Shown above, usually as demand for consumer finance is, why when you call the customer to the company, will be put in the personal name of the person.
Minutes has been calling on the phone it does not matter, but it cannot be reached by mobile phone to home phone phone contains.
Even claims the company’s phone is ringing in the person’s name from a stranger at home, but I imagine you’ll see that no matter how well it is quite unnatural.
Honest, personal name phone is unnatural.
Best of extra calls to your home phone.
You say that unnatural because of personal name, but rather the female member.
For example, contractor: “Hello, this is Yamada’s House.
○ ○ and that taro and I thank you. “Family:” excuse me, but what matter is what?
“Agent:” had little to tell you that your absence if it is fine.
Also rectified.
“Gazza or commercial:” is 00, taro, I to like us to contact you tell. “Family:” excuse me, but what do I do?
“Commercial: ‘ so sorry, subject, person directed to the let will and,” and will be followed by a suspicious phone.
Will also ensue when trouble another married woman joined the calls in a male personal name, married men joined the calls in the female personal name,.
Ready because, of course, is used for consumer finance companies also may offer little natural support, such as the consumer finance side, has a minimum standard of care will be no problem for that.Noticeable going if no sender listed addresses only in the envelope you have received, you may.
Also, may be tampering with, but the family thought it suspicious.
[Personal names also put pressure] upon demand for third-party debt financing rose is in nature a money lending business law article 21 paragraph 1 No. 5, is that lenders should not, adding to the psychological pressure customers to not enforce payment purpose.
But if recovered by the local, about borrowing rose to do can put a psychological pressure that will dare to call an unnatural.
Also, families who constantly in arrears from the usual are accustomed Dunning calls.
Therefore, no matter how much had called in person they are immediately, “debt collection phone!
“And comes with pins. [Also have they changed its name to mid-sized consumer finance Ali]
CM’s famous major consumer finance company, there are people they know are mid-sized consumer finance and public in General is pretty minor.
Probably no man also claims the company is actually doing what companies do.
If so, rather than using an unnatural person of that name out and had my phone might be natural.
What kind of relationship will also feel very natural, have responded “working relationships” and even asked.
Will also keep claiming the company name when you call in mid-sized consumer finance companies, by telephone in the person’s name, ask them.
However, company name no matter how minor, even many times phone calls and suspicious thought indeed family, will be examining.
The cheat is at most two or three times that.
You should like, first of all, those unavoidable circumstances, end up in arrears when takes contact from consumer finance at home not to contact.
* Low credibility has been increasing recently, using wording such as “sweet is” easily, such as consumer finance site, nothing more, to swallow is dangerous.
And have become trusted website for more financial industry professionals provides articles based on their experiences, so proud.
Please come help you safe, secure caching.
* Find here is mid-sized consumer finance through the safe and secure examination.

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Compare AIFUL and promise! Review and rate differences which is better? | Knowledge was obtained. Loans

Card is better used when the money is required, 11/13/2017 steep spending, as a contingency plan.
Many opt for a consumer loan or choosing the loans to banks loans to consumer finance, is often far from trouble, Bank and sill feel high, so has a reputation for quickly screening and loan.
Speaking of leading consumer financial promise, AIFUL and ACOM, mobit is famous.
This especially ACOM public awareness is very high and meets the industry’s no. 1 market share.
Shinsei Bank these has been compared often but I dare except Lake with ACOM, promise with AIFUL focuses a thorough investigation we have. As the popular image of the consumer finance, audit and loan speed faster “first application easy to” “, but high interest rates” of cited three “frankly but also not together?
“And we’ve had some characteristics are assumed to be different in AIFUL and promise in this survey.
Clearly comparing the AIFUL and promise, so we explain AIFUL and promise which I would like to know more please visit the, and you want to know the difference between promise and AIFUL!
Compare AIFUL and promise!
Review and rate difference between promise and AIFUL cardronspeck comparison is. ♦ promise and AIFUL specs comparison spec promise AIFUL products promise ‘free casing”AIFUL caching loan interest rate 4.5~17.8%(real per annum)4.5~18.0%(real per annum) Limit less than 5 million yen 5 million yen within a review minimum 30 minutes minimum of 30 minutes on the same day loan minimum 1 hour 1 hour minimum monthly repayments 2000 yen (50000 yen for borrowing) minimum 4000 yen (if borrowing 100000 Yen with about inception payment repayment date)
Collateral not required not required sponsors needed-free warranty company SMBC consumer finance co., Ltd. aifulpromis and AIFUL card loans are unsecured loan no collateral or guarantor.
Within the scope of the credit limit can be repeatedly borrowing and repayment.
You do not need to request to borrow.
Convenience store ATM available nearby stores without can be used freely.
Unable to apply criteria AIFUL and promise the comparison judging criteria were not disclosed, but fewer than terms and conditions at all, so first of all let’s compare age AIFUL and promise and terms of use.Loans is available from the 20-year-old who meet the screening criteria and the terms of use by you.
You cannot use by minors under the age of 20, even in part-time income.
Please note not available for themselves not revenue over the 20-year-old housewife.
Review speed is AIFUL and promise the comparison judging loan speed comparison.
♦ examination of AIFUL and promise of loan comparison spec promise AIFUL review minimum 30-minute loan for a same-day minimum of 30 minutes minimum 1 hour minimum 1 hour bank loans, interest rates are low, while time consuming examination is unsuitable for now just money you want to borrow, if there are many.
Characterized by better screening and loan speed but on the other hand, the high interest rate consumer credit card loans.
AIFUL and promise of answered a minimum of 30 minutes.
Minimum 1 hour same day loans are available.
AIFUL and promise is known in both the audit and loan early is good loans for those who are in a hurry.
Incidentally on the official site, lending hurry said faster Internet calls to toll-free AIFUL after application, the button is installed by review time.
Loan Express priority review takes into account.
Limit is the limit comparison between promise and AIFUL versus loan amount.
♦ maximum amount of promise and AIFUL and refers to the maximum amount can borrow promise loan comparison spec promisaiful limit 500万 円 500万 Yen loan amount 1,000 円 1,000 yen limit and set according to the examination results, with AIFUL.
AIFUL and promise, when entering your application, set the desired limit.
“Borrowing would amount in this field is the application input screen of the promise.
You can enter a limit from 10000 Yens AIFUL’s application type screen that has “would limit” field each.
In some cases money limit only hope so really depending on the examination is set, the desired places.
Also, try entering only the absolutely necessary amount limit would enable higher examination was not so.
Less than 500000 yen up even better.
Loan borrowing is possible in 1000 yen units.
You can borrow money freely from 1000 yen units within the limit.Said AIFUL and promise sharp turning circle to overuse if you’d only needed in small loans to choose usage.
Interest rate comparison interest rate comparison between promise and AIFUL. ♦ compare spec promisaiful rate 4.5~17.8%(real per annum)4.5~18.0%(real per annum for AIFUL and promise interest rates) is 4.5 percent real both AIFUL and promise lower rates (minimum rate), lower interest rates 4.5% applies
It is only when the total amount to 5 million.
Maximum interest rate (highest rate) compared with promise is only 0.2%, great!.
By attributes such as credit information, salary, years of service, dwelling, depending on examining or better interest terms may be new signups will limit less than 1 million yen is often the maximum interest rate is applied basically to prepare. Before the application for “how much is the interest rate?
“That I don’t know or won’t answer questions, so how much interest rates applied to actual try before judging.
If you want lower interest rates through increased screening and to increase the maximum amount as interest rates back down.
Known theories may require repayment results in about six months at early time, you’ll also receive a mail regarding the increase in the application within three months.
Compare the comparison between promise and AIFUL interest on interest.
Interest rate conditions applies AIFUL and promise maximum interest rate (highest rate). ♦ AIFUL and promise interest compare loans interest rates loan amount repayment times interest promise 17.8% 5 million yen 1 ¥ 731 円 10万 ¥ 3 ¥ 2,980 円 20万 6 times 10,508 円 30万 ¥ 12 29701 AIFUL 18.0% 5 million yen once 739 円 10万 circle three times three,
014 ¥ 200000 Yen six 10,627 円 30万 ¥ 12th 30044 Yen promise of low interest rate of 0.2%, so interest is cheap, but “promise is by far cheaper!
“That promise is advantageous difference of ikireru, but even for a moment want to use loans at great rates.
Incidentally, AIFUL and promise with 500000 yen 12 times and the number of payments, interest capitalization is promise 49503 yen and AIFUL 50074 yen and 571 Yen is the difference.
Is interest-free service to free the interest for up to 30 days in the comparison between promise and AIFUL in interest-free service.♦ interest-free service period and usage conditions product name interest rate (per annum), use conditional promise 4.5~17.8%30 days first withdrawal date next day and guests for the first time, registered email address and e-statement for use AIFUL 4.5~18.0%
30 day contract loans and point to compare offers interest-free for the first time you use the terms, not the loan period start date.
On the start date of the interest-free period automatically starts “after the contract date.
In other words, it is after a contract to borrow money and loan service is unavailable in full for up to 30 days. BTW, even if, on the other hand, promise, start date for the interest-free period “after the first withdrawal date”, so the first withdrawal after six months from contract and promise from the next day 30 days interest free and will have card 1 as contingency plans, like any
You can use the interest-free service without waste.
By taking advantage of interest-free service to repay within 30 days and will not interest.
IE also borrowed the money at an interest rate of 0% is no better.
Can borrowing rates than bank loans short-term small loans in may prefer just “30,” and that interest rates are low.
As an example, AIFUL’s “30 days interest service 0 Yen” and “interest-free” no “Let’s compare the interest on the total amount of bank loans. ♦ AIFUL “30 days interest service 0 Yen” and bank loans interest compare loans interest loan amount once 3 times 6 times 12 times AIFUL 18.0% 10 million yen 0 Yen Yen 1,463 円 3,542 円 7,779 円 30万 円 0 円 4,347 円 11,087 23, 861 yen, resona Bank premium card loans 10% 120000 1025 Yen 2,085 円 3,666 円 6,879 円 30万 円 3,076 円 6,257 円 11,007 円 20,649 Yen Mizuho Bank loans 10% 140000 1150 Yen 2,341 円 4,119 Yen , 739 円 30万 円 3,452 円 7,026 円 12,366 円 23,228 ¥ Mitsui Sumitomo Bank loans 14.5% 10 million yen 1191 ¥ 2,425 円 4,269 円 8,020 円 30万 円 3,575 円 7,278 円 12,812 ¥ 24, 076 JPY Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank cardrombang quick 14.6 as you can see there are 10,000 10% ¥ 1,200 円 2,442 円 4,297 円 8,077 円 30万 円 3,600 円 7,328 円 12,900 円 24,244 ¥ * actual interest amount can vary,
Resona in small loans short-term caching, you can more premium card loans bank borrowing rates.On the same day loan comparison between promise and AIFUL minimum same day loan is also possible. See what time I book? “” I support loans on the same day even on weekends and holidays?
“So I think what bothers the two first compare hours of examination.
♦ compare the review time of promise and AIFUL examination admission hours promisaiful flat, 9:00 ~ 21:09 ~ 21:00 weekends and holidays in AIFUL and promise, will contact the winners not only on weekdays but Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays including nine-until 9 pm.
Review is the minimum 30-minute answer, but since the evening is crowded screening, so the application should finish as soon as possible.
If you want the loan on the same day, method of borrowing can select from two of the ATM and bank loans.
If the loan is different, depending on how the debt not addressed financing on the same day on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
Bank loan on the same day Let’s compare hours of transfer credit comparison between promise and AIFUL Corporation on the same day. ♦ compare day AIFUL and promise hours of transfer credit loans financial institutions Monday EFT implementation guide promise, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Japan NET Bank on weekdays, weekends and holidays 24 hours a day 365 days a year other financial institutions on weekdays until 14: 00 on weekdays AIFUL and other financial institutions until 14: 00 *.
Cases must, on the day of contract ready for immediate Bank loans if not same day transfer depending on examining situations and time of application until 2 pm the time Mitt is the weekday.
However if the promise Japan NET Bank and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation ordinary deposit account holders for, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for “Frito Shun” service is available.
Shun friservice, from the transfer was completed in about 10 seconds or so “Instant transfer” is a useful service for me.
Transfer admission is possible from the official site of promise, promise to members login, or dialed calls.
Automated contract machine compares the comparison between promise and AIFUL vending contract hours.
“Japan NET Bank and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation do not have deposit accounts normally’, if the ‘not enough to complete the contract of 14 weekdays” Internet application after the automatic contract machine loan issuance and receipt if financing is available on the same day. ♦ automated contract machines AIFUL and promise to compare loans automatic contract machines day sales time promise promise automatic contract machines on weekdays and Saturday Sundays and public holidays, 9:00 ~ 22:00 Mitsui Sumitomo Bank loan contract machines (ACM) on weekdays and Saturday Sundays and public holidays, 9:00-21:00 AIFUL unattended deal room “unattended contract phone BOX
(Our free) “on weekdays and Saturday Sundays and public holidays, 8:00-22:00 * AIFUL may not receive same day financing depending on examining situations and time of application promise opening time is one hour earlier than it is.Promise of the stores it is grateful to have resistance to enter not, and consumer finance stores close.
Arrive, usually by mail sent loan Internet application, but about five days and passed the examination will take about a week, so hurry and then select the automated contract machines in a way to receive cards (how to deal) will issued cards on the same day.
Card out if you take the in-store and partner convenience store ATMs can borrow cash.
I think ATM using the comparison between promise and AIFUL card borrowings and repayments are a lot.
Compare the adequacy or affiliated ATM fees. ♦ available to promise card loan ATMATM/CD debt repayment promise ATM 003 00 Mitsui Sumitomo Bank of Japan Post Bank 00 E-net 00 Lawson ATM 00 seven Bank ○ ○ Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank 00 Aeon Bank 00 next beach Bank 00 00 Tokyo Star Bank daisan Bank 00 Fuzhou okasan Bank 00
Kumamoto Bank 00 Saison 00 affinity Bank ○ × Bank of Hiroshima ○ × 82 banks ○ × FamilyMartFami port × ○ LAWSONLoppi × MINISTOPLoppi ○ × ○ promise in is promise ATMs and Mitsui Sumitomo Bank ATM if you use the ATM fee is free of charge.
Fee occurs when using an ATM or other partners.
Repayment fee from the FAMI port and Loppi convenience store media device is 0 yen. ♦ available AIFUL card loan ATMATM/CD debt repayment AIFUL ATM ○ ○ bank of Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ ○ ○ West Japan City Bank 00 Aeon Bank 00 seven Bank 00 Lawson ATM 00 E-net 00 SHINWA Bank 00 Fuzhou Bank of Oka ○ × Kumamoto Bank ○ ×
FamilyMartFami all fees occurs when using shared network ATMs in LAWSONLoppi port × ○ × ○ AIFUL, AIFUL ATM service charge is free, but.
Also promise repayment fee from the media terminal was free, on charge occurs.
♦ ATM usage fee transaction amount debt 10000 Yen 108 円 108 円 1万 Yen Yen 216 216 ¥ promise Mitsui Sumitomo Bank ATM fees are to be free and pay fees using the media devices is 0 yen.
Also post Bank ATM is available higher point is.
Leading consumer finance in Japan Post Bank ATM in that deal is only the promise with mobit co.,.A comparison between the have a characteristic comparison between interest-free services and other services.
Promise: Mitsui Sumitomo VISA prepaid maximum circle 2000-present promise for the first time and wants a deal, should I get maximum 2000 yen for Mitsui Sumitomo VISA prepaid gift. ♦ present subjects of conditions 1/2017 the completed contract to Sumitomo Mitsui card co., Ltd. and promise membership page at the Mitsui Sumitomo VISA prepaid number registration * register * will be within 2 months from the agreement date is
Wishing to Mitsui Sumitomo VISA prepaid contract shipping contract of choice for the first time in Mitsui Sumitomo VISA prepaid 1000 yen charge has been a.
In addition to Mitsui Sumitomo VISA prepaid charge which promises transfer caching if you register, even add in 1000 yen / charge present.
Mitsui Sumitomo VISA prepaid issued by Sumitomo Mitsui card co., Ltd., just like a credit card at VISA merchants worldwide is available.
You can also use payment use VISA card shops and Internet shopping.
Transfer caching of promise and promise official app from charge to Mitsui Sumitomo VISA prepaid is available, free of charge no fees or dues.
You can finish up type, not repeated use.
No ATM fees, and purchsed to Mitsui Sumitomo VISA prepaid in cash, not too good, if you prefer, but without finding an ATM so you can avoid.
You can save both time and money.
Providing services of the present system is only a promise.
There is promise point service promise, earn points depending on the promise Internet member services.
For example, addition to earn 40 points and become free affiliated ATM fees up to 60 days, depending on the access point can use a certain period of time interest-free service.
It is no use monthly initial log in so that you can earn 10 points.
* Promise service for more information on the promise official website please.
AIFUL Corporation: delivery time Gill jingle AIFUL, unbeknownst to anyone, and takes the card can jingle on the gills of the delivery time of service.
See delivery time Gill jingle”is a delivery service at designated times to receive the cards at home.See delivery time Gill jingle”is from your PC and Smartphone application for limited service.
“15:00” procedures, from the next day ship.
Procedures for delivery from the day “3 pm”.
Specify the delivery time can be selected from the six hours.
9-12 o’clock (in the morning) 12:00-14:00 14:00-16:00 16:00-18:00 18:00-20:00 19-21 delivered to the home by “delivery time Gill jingle” you wish, AIFUL Corporation registration process to the delivery time can be.
By the way, is the Sagawa express shipping original
Please choose the loan AIFUL’s automated contract machines receive is also possible, so good either way.
Where you can specify the delivery time of the loan is not very convenient.
* AIFUL services for more information about the [interest rates on new loans of AIFUL Corporation!
“The secret” is here.
: Please check.
It is if I do not show the design compare loan the loan you want attention to card design.
Is be careful because in some cases, when using the ATM do not always produce card from your wallet and also found the purse upon payment of missing name of “promise”, “AIFUL” appear on the card face.
♦ promise ♦ AIFUL promise card face the character of “The PROMISE” it looks like.
It is a company name to “SMBCCYNSUMERFINANCE” and offer the promise card loans consumer loans.
I’m a consumer finance SMBC consumer finance co., Ltd. Service brand promise.
Aiful is omitted in the AIFUL card face ai characters are printed.
Have seen the contents of the purse if both are putting pocket, bareru seem to worry about it.
Examination of AIFUL and promise and interest rates to compare! Difference between both which is better? In the examination of AIFUL and promise and interest rate differences, AIFUL and promise which is better?
The is a summary.
Promise screening process Internet application promise automated contract machines in card issuing and receiving introduces a flow. Official website access request (easy input and full input either) examination results (phone or email) contract by select online agreement (promise automatic contract machines or Mitsui Sumitomo Bank loan contract machines or branch counter)
Stores promise to have the required documents and contracts created in card issuance agreement complete ATM borrowing promise Internet application is easy input and can choose either fully input.I felt easy input (number of items: 17): input items, the rest all items necessary to ask full inputs (number of items: 35): examination on the phone early full input input personally.
I don’t mean low entry ledgers rather than an interaction on the phone and this phone too quickly, or we come.
That is, have all entered result in quick. ♦ promise response time with automated contract machines review answers time automated contract machine hours 9:00-promise automated contract machines 21:00 (including weekends and holidays) 9:00 ~ 22:00 (including weekends and holidays) Mitsui Sumitomo Bank loan contract machines (ACM) 9:00 ~ 21:00 (including weekends and holidays) *
Is the spec details of loans the promise may not receive same day financing depending on examining situations and time of application ‘free casing’. ♦ are aged from 20-69 years age group ages (sole proprietorship business costs and living expenses only) limited to use cost of living promise card loan spec promise ‘free casing’ funds into personal conditions stable income (housewives, Available if students have a steady income from art work) interest rate 4.5~17.8%(real per annum) borrowing maximum amount 1-5 million yen examination time minimum 30 day loan minimum 1 hour delay for 30 days from the day interest-free period first withdrawal rate of 20.0% (real per annum) Contract periods one year each automatic update repayment scheme balance slide principal fixed repayment scheme monthly repayment amount monthly 2000 yen (50000 yen for borrowing) from repayment, 5, 15, 25, from the end of selection-friendly repayment period, repayment times final borrowing after the maximum six years nine months and once- 80 no required collateral, guarantor needed assurance company SMBC consumer finance annual fee and membership fee collection enter certificate amount less than 500000 yen (last update date: 10/2017 current) and the cost of living, cost of living and leisure capital, ceremonial occasions expense, Education funds a wide range ♦ promise features review minimum 30-minute answer minimum 1 hour same day loan allows maximum interest rate (highest interest)17.8% AIFUL 0.2% cheaper than if the contract for the first time “after the first withdrawal date” 30 days interest-free ” FFG Shun ‘ service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to instantly transfer caching Web complete application cadres casing for for the first time if Mitsui Sumitomo VISA prepaidpresentpromis of the largest 2000 yen more articles. ”
Loans examining the promise and the advantages and disadvantages “details here [official site]-AIFUL screening process from Internet application AIFUL unattended contract phone BOX” our free “in card issuance and receipt flow to introduce.

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Introduce their borrowed money on consumer experiences!

You want to borrow money in the consumer finance, but should many people anxiety somewhere.
It is other people’s experiences so much time would be helpful.
Having said that people in Japan, currently more than 10 million owes money from consumer finance.
Also I think you closer to even those who have borrowed money in the consumer finance strange isn’t it.
It is, however, no opportunity to actually hear testimonials, so few people willingly speaks in debt or not.
We will see more specifically what kind of person is briefly introduces the stories of people here actually borrowed money, using consumer finance.
When using consumer finance there is surprisingly often looks, looks likely to carry debt, most people don’t.
Few people may seem like living at first glance everyone and debt free living, actually using consumer finance.
Exceeds 10 million people (Japanese about nine to one) is the number of counting only people who have done debt, according to data published by JICC (Japan credit information reference center) currently in progress from consumer finance, said. &gt; Data by reference:JICC (Japan credit information reference center) < this number ”
People now owe “in put the number then they rented in the past, has now paid off and more people know that.
For unexpected expenses won’t many people experiencing life as planned.
So, any person so far several panicked for unexpected expenses has experience should be.
In some cases to solve family problems if there is a sudden accident or illness, the family suddenly money becomes necessary.
Employees do have lives less “If you become a permanent secure” era is old.
Send to languish without satisfactory salary is now graduating from universities and become a full-time case is not uncommon. That the employees enough debt to much of the money the untidy people for decades ago, Japan was booming.
It was also said that world trend.
However, so many ordinary employees working layer now take advantage of consumer finance, seriously, every day to make money.In Japan the current accidents only to precarious employment, including temporary and part-time work, in “hand to mouth” there are people who are forced to close.
It is also rely on consumer finance, these people any chance of “line of Defense”.
In terms of situation embarrassed money to each person with access to consumers ‘ financial work and situation is different, and extends to the use of consumer credit are common. In consumer finance loans who actually did was exactly what?
Look at the experiences of people who have been borrowing less,. ~ Testimonials ~ did you decide to avail of the consumer finance?
Stories of people who use consumer credit is not normally hear “it.
We will see who was using a consumer actually decided to borrow in what. 1.
Having trouble with the sudden hospitalization cost of living, is the case of the 20s, women.
She came to Tokyo from the countryside, was spent as a student.
That wasn’t, despite tuition fee allowance from their parents home in less wealthy living 100% myself with part-time and had earned says.
Anyways, she is suddenly ill and will be impossible without hospital for a week.
In hospitalization costs was somehow paying parents, but always lived in a last-minute financial state for the week could not work she was embarrassed that after living expenses.
I say that decided to use consumer finance in the wake. 2.
It is a case of men with 30’s, my wife and children two to pay an out-of-court settlement of the accident.
The man drank some drinks with the boss on the way back, a little drunk to wake up from driving their cars and headed home.
I said had caused the collision and bike along the way are driving the car toward home, ignoring signals, suddenly came out.
It fixed an out-of-court settlement in talks with in situ, “in total compensation + settle out of the bike 250000 Yen to pay men”.
However, it said, from his accident caused indebtedness “250000 yen from savings raise and you want to” hard say men are just bad terms with his wife at that time.
Also called fact driving under the influence to the parent of the home should not known to attempt to resolve themselves and decided to use of consumer finance. 3.
Is the case of the 40s, women, cannot provide real estate brokerage fees and other incidental expenses.Apartment she lived at that time, old age, or dislodged under floor lighting equipment trouble had several flaws, such as the.
As a result, decided to move out, when renewal time is considered “borrow another room following the” seems.
However, when you move and of course lots of money becomes necessary.
Her new apartment to rent deposit and key money could pay on their savings, but just at that time, when bad after a few job seekers work had had economic power only to real estate brokerage fees and other charges to pay.
The Bank said she thought just yet, worried about how to raise the money at the end of a career, to their own social credit is not hard, but had decided to borrow from consumer finance. 4.
Really want bags Hermes ‘Birkin’, is the case of the women of the 20s, the hostess.
She works as a hostess, longing to bring work for senior women working in the same shop Hermes ‘Birkin’, now crave.
Fewer made think of Hermes Birkin, then completed what was on the rare is known to preferentially sold to customers are hard to come by.
Their prices are cheaper, depending on size and material 20 million yen by about 1 million yen, very expensive models.
Could not afford enough to buy a Birkin lived a life more money go out for work, but she had a monthly income of approximately 500000 Yen at hostess work, always ago payday, money left only about 100000 yen.
But just wanted Birkin, so decide yourself now working properly and to repay, then borrowing 2 million yen from consumer finance, the rim is able to purchase a Birkin,. 5.
Is the case of 30-something unemployed not lower living standards, to borrow money and men.
This man is now to work at home, worked as an office worker.
It was expending most immediately enters the salary he was from a company employee was using lots of money in dating and gambling and her habit of big spenders.
Without the debt at this point and was made ends meet by salary range says.
It’s savings with waste of male income every month about 200000 Yen in family life was also was made of.Despite the result is unemployed, stress increased free time became unemployed staff can review the life at this point, though, I do not find, such as overlapping, began to spend more money than before.
In addition, said did not stop as if her to pester the unemployed during even if things to buy.
It was found their new jobs, though already decided in the State are on the bottom economically tough from the use of consumer savings.
You’ve seen the experiences of people who borrowed money in consumer finance.
“Borrowed money then how did pay back?” and the more experiences can be seen from the link below.
Please take a look at reference.
 Introduce their borrowed money on consumer experiences!
Circumstances such as the occupation of the person with access to such people of consumer finance, income and what trouble is using the article list of consumer finance, decided to use a different people.
However, the you can also take a look at their experience, some common.
We look at the characteristics common to those who use consumer credit are as follows.
In “ordinary people” who use consumer credit also mentioned, once to the use of consumer credit there is money to the untidy people “such as” image “should be available if you normally work, not” was a time.
However, as all of you know, today is if regular employees is often even life is tough people.
Therefore, as you can see the experience, consumer users is most “ordinary people”.
Pinch across not just themselves have managed to seriously work when using consumer finance.
Nowadays, people often.
Is that self resolve the problem of money means more people using consumer finance watching experiences are choosing consumer credit as a way to resolve it yourself, you know that.
When suddenly hard up for money, parents and siblings, who say that would lend money to know when people have such an environment should be less.
Also, people resolve on its own first, if wealthy parents, in adults as well there should be.
As a means of consumer users still more such people, as the experiences of the accident settlement money and living expenses out without relying on others to solve the case is overwhelming.


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Disclosure of credit information in by JICC | view commentary! Review of must see

Please try to disclose information by JICC who would like their personal credit information among people who are considering the use of the consumer trying to disclose information by JICC application prior to examination of consumer finance is in doubt.
Disclose any information here is consumer finance have joined by JICC (Japan credit information reference center), so when examining consumers ‘ financial information against what is seen by someone.
There are three ways to disclose your credit information in a way by JICC to disclose your credit information in a table of contents by JICC.
There are three smart phone, postal mail or by JICC Rep.
You can also disclose how do it easily yourself.
Including judicial Scrivener to ask any disclosure can here takes about 10000 Yen cost.
We recommend that you do so only 1000 yen if you make yourself do it yourself as much as possible!
By the way, most favourite is a disclosure of information from the “smart phone”.
Early disclosure of information in the smart-phone and smartphone from best featured honesty as an information disclosure by JICC is most recommended for disclosure of information from the Smartphone is easy.
You can contact you to disclose information on the same day, but not only to Tokyo and Osaka.
No contact to the nearest… those who think most so in those terms recommended Smartphone! Have available criteria met 15-year-old more than identity-enabled smart phone * compatible models [andid2.3-| Ipne6s/6 plus 6 / 5 s / 5/5/4 s / 4] Reception 24-hours a day, 365 days a year application in journey time 10 minutes completion costs 1,000 yen (including debit cards) payment method for convenience store payment credit card * However 4 step step 1 until the disclosure that mark these things in the name of only one person credit card (debit card) is available download the app by JICC. apps download from step 2 ”
Enter personal information “from disclosure application downloaded apps that go empty mail sent after personal information such as your name, address and telephone number input will.
* Note that set the junk e-mail by JICC receive e-mail several times since.
Step 3 send images in the app after you input information in apps by JICC sent identification documents, such as images.
Is required from the following point is required!
(Card type and folding) driving licence certificate of insurance-Juki card (with photo) (passport) physical disability Handbook residence card or special permanent resident certificate * identification documents performs payment at the payment step 4 must be within the validity period end.Information disclosed will be mailed home from a week in about two weeks.
▲ If you mailed back to the table of contents to disclose information in information disclosure by mail required documents “of Japan credit information reference center Corp. disclosure window” send.
Things are required to disclose information by mail is a disclosure application form and fee (¥ 1,000) and proof of identity.
4 step step 1 until the disclosure “document ready” disclosure application form and proof of identity is required.
You can make from here because it is first of all a disclosure form, but here is that “disclosure application form” page by JICC official site for disclosure procedure by mail of the person named.
⇒ the disclosure application form this must however request disclosure application form if you do not have a printer and cannot print, printers do not have the phone by JICC 0570-055-955!
Identification documents required depends on payment method. If you pay with a credit card from the following 1 point (copy) is required only your driver’s license and personal number * surface, payments made by Passport and various insurance card fixed amount postal money order if below 1 point (copy) is required driver’s license and personal number card *
Only at the surface, passport and physical disability Handbook step 2 “for fee” charge in 1000 yen payment credit card (including debit cards) or “in the fixed amount postal money order payment (within 6 months from the date of issue)” next to will.
If you use your credit card to your card only.
Payments made by a fixed amount postal money order is marked as the following credit card (debit card) is available if you will to 1,000 yen fee. Step 3 send the required documents and fees contact 556-0011 2 in Namba Naniwa-Ku, Osaka, Osaka-10-70 parks Tower 17F co., Ltd. Japan credit information disclosure Office addressed to step 4 after you send the arrival of disclosure documents
Disclosure of personal information sent to the home, the period is 10 days from roughly one week!
▲ If by JICC counter back to the table of contents to disclosure of information in information disclosure by JICC Office has fees and proof of identity, contact reception by JICC go.
Things you’ll need to disclose information at by JICC is (500 yen) and proof of identity. 4 step step 1 until the disclosure of information going by JICC reception desk are two locations in Tokyo and Osaka, Tokyo Office: 101-0042 Tokyo Chiyoda-ku Kanda Higashi-Matsushima town 14 East Shin God Tanaka building 2f Osaka office: 2-10-70 nambanaka, 556-0011, Osaka, Osaka, Naniwa-Ku, Namba
Parks Tower 17th floor can be either of the above!Identification documents are in the following point!
Driver’s license, personal number cards, passports and persons with physical disabilities Handbook * copies are not accepted step 2 fill in the form, fill out personal information, such as each application form from the reception!
Buy cash fee 500 yen (including tax) at the ticket vending machines, and filed a registration application form filled out purchase fee in the step 3.
Step 4 wait for so called reception waiting to be called in order.
The receiving disclosure results if called.
▲ credit information records-disclosure form back to the table of contents view has been being mailed by JICC credit information records disclosure statement is in total divided into 3.
Displaying records disclosure letter for information records disclosure statement (file D) briefly discusses the disclosure of credit information disclosure report (file M) each.
During the “screening companies to disclose their credit information” during query records disclosure inquiry records disclosure statement is applied for examination, such as a credit card or cash advance loan is recorded!
This record will remain about half a year!
So-called application black too and applications such as credit cards and consumer loans in a short period of time and remain a lot of record query records disclosure.
Credit information disclosure report (file D) credit information records disclosure statement (file D) includes the “cash advance loan history”.
All information such as the date of the agreement, the most recent recorded from the date of contract!
And most important item is different see SA service contents and different ginseng parts that day written.
This is where the saying goes black list of people written accident information such as arrears and debt consolidation.
Decreases the probability if the section is not blank, pass inspection, such as consumer finance and gouge.
Credit information disclosure report (file M) credit information records disclosure statement (file M) includes the “credit history”.
Make a creche (credit)! Not that I’ve heard the word?
Using a credit card on a regular basis, as well as detention refers to things without their creditworthiness by caching and a new credit cards to make.
This credit information disclosure report (file M) is observed at that time!
Time will be reflected when updates are made every month.
Is the most important file in this most important consumer credit review through the “credit information disclosure report (file D)” and will be!


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Notes on borrowing money for the first time

Scene know when for the first time to borrow money and a safe thing suddenly money to come suddenly. But a bit more till payday and I become flustered. For example farewell suddenly decided they became necessary, and settled in the ceremonial money becomes necessary. Otherwise, received collection bag from the kid’s school, or there are times when money unexpectedly comes to need. A great help, if you can borrow the money in loans and caching, so when. I don’t know but I would borrow money for the first time and is riddled with it. To introduce the information that the great help if you want to borrow money, but anxious too, so this is for the first time to borrow money when you know Let’s. Families wonder if what is needed to apply when, hopefully, will be able to borrow money for the first time in work to bale want to is what happens if the money when the debtor in no way Let’s eliminate one by one, such that the fears and doubts. Available to rent immediately is to borrow money for the first time, but I’m in? So far never heard when people that have no experience with borrowed money to borrow money can’t talk to anyone there is very high. I’m not doing bad things, but I somehow feel guilty. That is why fears and doubts will grow. It is possible to say in conclusion, even if you have to borrow some money soon. It is able to borrow money in the day I’d heard the term loan on the same day, the applicant. I cannot borrow money on the image until it somehow, employees should be in? Might think is, can borrow money employees or part or part time job, if you have a steady income, not just employees now. There is little commercial loans on the same day it was affecting the Bank hours and days of the week and until 2 pm on weekdays as soon as the application on the same day loans and touting. If wants to borrow money quickly, Monday to Friday 14:00 apply your motorhome around. Documents to prove the applicant’s want to know advance documents when you apply to borrow becomes necessary. But, did you know that compared to the old submission becomes very easy. Waiting to go on store shelves once the present identification for driver’s license, health insurance card, etc, from there go through a screening, and it took time and effort.I’m OK with you to prove the person’s driver’s license and health insurance card pictures taken by mobile phone by email send. Therefore, documents need to be hospital checking for driver’s license and insurance card alone is fine. Borrowing, such as ceremonial drinking session and collecting a small amount and income certificate necessary the case as an exception loans, borrowing a large amount, but if you do not need to submit income certificate. Speaking and judging that the biggest concern when borrowing money for the first time and points should be noted when examining it very often. You cannot borrow money through screening to be sure, would be a natural. Never borrow money not caching experience it what should I care what to go through a review first of all, for the first time to borrow money in the payment in arrears. One of the reasons cannot be pre-authorized, is that payment is in arrears in relation to credit in the past. So, that leave no caching and shopping with a credit card, payment is in arrears is not NG. Then delay if it is not unexpectedly known that cell phone contract with equipment installment no credit ad will pay phones with wounds in the credit and would not review. Therefore, payments on credit purchases, mobile phone charges, promised good paying, please watch out for this 10 minutes. Is not in truth are desperate situation unbeknownst to the family if possible, and to borrow money to require, if family members don’t want to know. I would not want to know because it can borrow money of course isn’t bad but somehow conjures images of the negative. Especially when you borrow money for the first time doesn’t run out of something to worry about. Reveal the family in what you think, come related documents are being mailed home, call me at home would be in two. Tell that no documents be mailed to personnel when the application first be mailed relevant documents at home about the. You can more likely to apply to the net recently, each accessing the page from the supplier home page. It is then can understand the contract, documents are not knowing the current agreement.Then untrained pay phone is, and contains a contact at home or mobile phone. Keep up payments for late payments lead to the discredit, caution is required. If late no matter what so if you put the phone in advance. It is to see whether or not the enrollment confirmation of enrollment confirmation call me at work is like, there is no way that the Contracting Parties that really works for the company. As a result, no problem for the person is away from her desk. However, reveal that borrow money in this phone, with it I feel it would. If you borrow money for the first time, one Let’s resolve doubts and fears. Enrollment confirmation from the contractor side do not want it would be inconvenient. That is where one would advise the men if the contractor personnel men, contractors women if have women representatives. I would have spent or insurance sales person answered the phone if you’ve taken, for example Bank borrows from a Bank, or borrow from consumer finance, by this is the difference, you look. I borrowed some money and is unlikely. I’d offer and if you are really concerned when the application in person is enrolled, if you want to ask to people of the same sex. I said come over in the name of the contact person at 伝enaku click here for a consumer finance. However, I tell him, but request gay person is still here means to remind, even to call. If gay is married to “flirt your opponent?”, and does not suspect that it is. → would be later able to borrow money for the first time when the debtor was for more money when you borrow money at check if I do something to worry about. Said the world economy since a long time, but just in case lost the job, and made it hard to return the money less salary than I had expected and unexpected reasons, became impossible to work by illness and injury. I’m suffering from in person what to do, but it’s a NG. Why then is in person even worrying situation is not commercial. It is useless from afford afford payment firm over contract terms is, however, left intact. First of all, put a contact agent.You will get calls to your home or workplace if you do not pay, consult, explain the situation. And leave without even contacting the wrong thing is absolutely useless. Could be there right know is what you try to do this can cause the contact into your home or workplace. Get contacted, please keep this in mind take a look at. Late payments are call me at work? Talk about earlier will receive contact from intact without any late payments, and if left untreated. Would apply when the declare a home or mobile phone number as a contact, the contact will contact. As a last resort take it embarrasses and don’t return the money who are not from I don’t know here to deal with, but what to do with the phone, and then contact us and policyholders get phone to work. Might notice that enters the contact from a supplier to borrow money that isn’t a bad thing, it has delayed payment would be. This, difficult to work I wish you can borrow money, but believe it or not reveal the delinquency in payments is a very difficult situation. If it is so, if late payment is always put to contact here. Please be assured that work into contact from contractor to contact even though it has not. When for the first time to borrow money like this one Let’s resolve misgivings or doubts. Interest rate and the maximum amount individuals different conditions? Or maybe the same? Borrow money for the first time when it comes to mind that one is given you can rent how much also. From to repay the borrowed money that comes from interest rates, how much was it is concerned also have to pay interest. Changes by individuals for example is interest rates, depending on the amount borrowed in the end and repayment period interest rate, so that it is not. Plenty if you owe money, but higher interest rates and then goes to repay the outstanding loans and less so, it along with interest rates low will continue. Is calculated by means of real per annum, but Japan loans and caching is almost so far using this method.Bank loans can borrow a large collection of money. It is not borrowing more than 1/3 of the salary if the consumer finance laws that limit is applied to it. A large amount limit does not apply for bank loans, so it is. Bank loans and the caching is recommended? If possible, when for the first time to borrow money to smooth money you want to borrow, or might require I think many ideals with such low interest rates are better. Here here is the difference between Bank loans and caching is. I’ve lined up the difference between the two easily. Bank loans total pollutant load control: the quick review: consumer financial review takes a bit more time on ease of: examining consumer financial limit is the maximum amount of interest some have strict borrowing limits: each bank: low confidence and peace of mind: high: for fast: same-day borrowing limits loan permeate from the ease of use of bank loans as possible review : Earn 1 / 3 compared to the interest rate of bank loans from the high degree of trust and confidence: Bank low, putting of experience who have borrowed the money so far, and each such impression is. Both have advantages and disadvantages, so I compare my lifestyle, income and decide which is easy to use. Credit cards and loans, which is recommended? I want to use a credit card to use, such as for example shopping usually when shopping, very often. Caching is on the credit card. Wonder if this caching yesterday with bank loans, borrow money for the first time which is better. You may need to apply something special to the new if you use the ATM partnership if, first of all is the caching of the credit card, but was originally incidental to the, not borrowing. For caching, you’ll have a desire is quick and easy, but if interest rates are inexpensive to have your credit card interest rates, how much to borrow and how much interest rates will take you sure in advance. And to compare interest rates on bank loans. Generally low sets the interest rates on bank loans.In procedures from the bargain is when looked at in the long run, interest rates are low, even if you think that the savings bank loans is recommended. Speaking of course, ease credit caching is Porter. It may be useful for caching of the credit if urgent. You can obtain information easily serve any time if connected to the Internet is recommended way now to help you borrow money for the first time. So if you borrow money for the first time, first gather information from for the first time. I may want to pick up a high profile since it is the most “safe and secure” commercial information. Locate the place from in some cases urgent same day loans are possible, using a quick sale. The following interest rate? Think we pay every month, and even a little lower interest rates is reasonable. How much to borrow and how much interest you here every compare. If you also click drops, so I. Site ranking as well as of course will be helpful, but some sites ranking standings are different. Therefore, SCPH about referring to it. On the same day, lending interest rates and how to apply and how each supplier’s official website posted, so, try there. Also, during the campaign so far. First 1 month interest free, very great deals available, so let’s check here also. You may miss important information fall into situations that point money that you should be aware if you borrow money, and I just panicked. If it is for the first time to borrow money is much more. Also in the State do not know what information we collect that does not, therefore, you misunderstand maybe possible. It is important to keep calm and to determine whether or not that information is true. Defraud the money a person that unscrupulous traders in the world so far, so extreme caution is required. Voiced by experts here say, now I want some money from and is dangerous to jump only quick sale companies. It is recommended that sign up for famous companies still well known high performance can be. Collects information caching of bank loans, consumer loans, credit cards, each with the same supplier in it so no big difference.
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